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Angry Birds invade the NBA with these fun New Era hats!


New Era, the NBA and Angry Birds are merged for only occasion to create an epic cap collection. Do not you believe us? Keep an eye on this ...
The best basketball league in the world is more 'explosive' than ever with the arrival of these hilarious birds to these New Era hats that are of authentic collection.
Discover the fun side of the NBA franchises in these New Era hats in which the protagonists are Red, Bomb, Chuck and Company:

Terence hit the Lakers' logo


Jay, Jake and Jim will get lucky for the Celtics this season


Benny the Bull got the job done


What happened to the Golden Gate on the Warriors' shield?


This is just a taste of what New Era, the NBA and Angry Birds have prepared for you. Also find designs by the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks, Toronto Raptors, Brooklyn Nets and Charlotte Hornets.
This is not the first time that the very successful franchise has entered the National Basketball Association's staves, since formerly basketball fans could enjoy a video game featuring these comic characters in a 100% NBA environment.


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