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New Era caps say present in the NFL Draft


Do you remember those days where you 'kicked the ball' out of basketball, baseball, fut or tochito in the schoolyard, in the park or in the street in front of home? Ahhh ... what days, right?

Before the actions started we had to form two teams: the most athletic players, tall and skilled for the game, used to be chosen at the start. One for each team; immediately it was to choose those who, while they would not change the course of the game with a crack play, were compliant on the court; and finally had to choose the type of player you preferred to give a committed pass before passing the ball to him. Something like this happens in the Draft of the NFL.

A step of being pro

The Draft is the moment when the 32 teams of the league choose the most outstanding players of American collegiate football; is the time when a college athlete can become a professional if an NFL team chooses him and, if this happens, New Era will be the first link between both parties, because the first thing that makes the player to be drafted is to put the cap of his new team.

In order for things to be balanced on the pitch, the order to choose in the Draft is inversely proportional to the success obtained in the previous campaign, so the team with the worst record of wins and losses has the number one selection, current Super Bowl champion chooses at the end. For the 2017 Draft, the Cleveland Browns (1 win and 15 losses in 2016) will choose first and have a great opportunity to draftear best collegiate player and the New England Patriots will have the last pick of the first round.


Just as there are cheers and reflectors for the player who is the first overall pick (who by the way Chris Koch, owner of New Era, will deliver the Browns cap) there is also a "recognition" for the last elected: Mr. Irrelevant or Mr. Irrelevant in Spanish, a title that does not bode well. Ouch ...

No place for mistakes

You know that New Era will be present on the scene of this emotional moment when each player has the colors of his new family for the first time, however, the real work will be behind the scenes. The New Era team must have ready the player's chosen hat in less than a minute, because it is the approximate time the athlete will take to reach the stage to receive it and be presented as a new member of the X or Y franchise. Correct size, correct equipment, no place for errors.


Multiple possibilities

Depending on the needs of each team, their position to choose, among other factors, we can give an idea of how the Draft will be developed, however, it is impossible to accurately predict 100% of the picks, so be prepared with lots of caps.

Each player who has declared himself eligible for the Draft must have a cap of each team in his size, because you never know what franchise could choose it, so annually New Era manufactures more than 2,500 caps.


You already knew another side of the NFL Draft. Now all you have to do is get ready to receive it from the 27th to the 29th of April with your New Era cap. And yes, they are the same as the players will receive at the ceremony, so you will look like the next super stars of the grid. Buy them now at New Era Online by clicking here or look for them in sports and department stores.